Writing & the Social Media Circus

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I’ve been trying to decide whether having a social media account is very useful for a writer in my situation; one who’s growing and wants to publish work eventually. When I decided to start blogging about books and writing I had no idea how much social media would be a part of that, until I was asked time after time whether I had some type of social media account. The answer was (and still is) no, except for one attempt at an Instagram account that turned into a much needed forum for me to watch cat videos on while at work. I’ve never kept up my personal social media account so dread the idea of having to create and maintain an account just to promote, network, and link back to my posts, especially when that’s exactly what I avoid seeing in my feed. There’s the worry of when to start a social media account, what to post, when to post it, and all the ‘likes’ and commenting that needs to be done in between. It takes a lot of energy, almost as much as maintaining a blog.

I may not be able to shirk off joining Facebook or Twitter or Google+ forever since there are clearly many positives to having a presence on social media, like connecting with a large audience around the globe quickly, without shelling out a penny, being able to promote your work (again, for free), and linking up with other writers without having to leave home (the writer’s life is one of self inflicted perpetual alone time). But along with the positives come a few negatives, like the shortening attention spans of tl;dr readers looking for a quick bathroom stall read, the extinction of paperback books, and 140 character limits that all have contributed to changing the way writers are expected to write. You could see this shortening and need to read things very quickly as a reason to get creative. A lot of writers are amazing at creating short, hilarious, and useful twitter posts, which is a lot harder than it looks, but I’m not one of them. A foothold in social media seems imperative for success if you’re planning on publishing, and most writers have multiple forums to express themselves on, but I think I will be waiting a little longer before joining the social media circus.

Do you struggle with getting into social media to promote your work? How long did you wait before starting a social media account? Is it possible to keep up with your social media account without going insane?


4 thoughts on “Writing & the Social Media Circus

  1. I started social media accounts about a year before my first novel came out. I enjoy them, but it is indeed time-consuming. I have to really try to balance my activity on them with getting my writing done.

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  2. I’m an avid user of social media and I’m finding that it’s a great way to spread the word about what I’ve been writing; however, I definitely see how it can also be a huge distraction. I can’t count the number of times I’ve found myself just mindlessly scrolling through social media accounts as a form of procrastination. Perhaps the key is finding a platform that you really like and using that one, and not multiple? Keeping track of multiple accounts is overwhelming! Good luck!

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    1. Very overwhelming! I think sticking with one is a good idea for me, especially since I don’t like spending much time on it anyway. Haha it’s so easy to spend hours scrolling when you originally planned to be networking. A friend of mine has specific times reserved just for social media so she doesn’t get distracted and it forced her to be productive with the time, maybe that’ll help you too! 🙂

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