An Update on My Writing

Photo: my little editing corner

Otherwise titled Life and Other Things That Get in the Way Of Writing.

I was planning on posting a short story this week but sacrificed my usual writing time for a little bit of a social life, and now look what happened – no stories! This is exactly why having a schedule is important. It’s hard to get family and friends to understand that writing takes up a lot of my time (especially since I’m not getting paid to do it), so whenever I tell them I’m going to be busy writing at a certain time, they think it’s something that can be put off until later. It’s really frustrating, but probably something I should speak up about more. Or maybe it’s good to live in the world every once in a while if you want to write about it. I don’t have much of a creative mind this morning so I’ve been tackling an old revision that I’ve been avoiding like the plague. Black tea, smooth tunes on the radio, and an early smoking session have eased the pain, though, and it’s been fun to revisit the story.

My creative writing class starts up again tonight so hopefully that’ll put the fire back under me. Last semester I was churning out stories like no one’s business, but this semester I want to focus on one or two longer pieces so I can get more feedback on story arc, character development, and narrative from beginning to end. I haven’t started the story or got a particular one in mind, but have been thinking about a theme focused on the ways people let each other down. We’ll see how it goes. In the mean time, when I do post a story here it’ll be flash fiction so I don’t get too distracted from my main project, but will be a nice break.

Well, that’s an update on my writing – not much. Maybe I’ll make this a monthly post, just to check in with myself and flesh some new plans out.

Have you got any short term writing plans? Do you sometimes have to sacrifice writing for actual social interaction and life-living? How do you balance the two?

4 thoughts on “An Update on My Writing

  1. Dont get hard on yourself for going out, gotta give yourself some reality to go with the fiction ☺
    Also with the short stories, dont get too anxious when the cranking them out stage dries up a bit, I think it is a natural cycle.
    Stay on it ☺

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    1. Thanks for that, I needed a bit of a chin nudging. 🙂 I was getting a bit antsy about not coming up with stories at as fast a rate as I’m used to, but it’s good to take breaks every once in a while. I think just focusing on one story for a while is what I need.

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  2. I’m not sure you can force fiction to come along at prescribed times, can you? But you do need breaks and outside experiences to feed into your writing.

    My writing gets pushed back behind my paid work, and my academic writing and research further behind that, so I feel your pain!

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    1. I’ve found that if I write for a few hours first thing in the morning I’m way more productive than if I put it off until the afternoon or evening. So I like to try and stick with that time so it becomes a reflex to roll out of bed and write. 🙂
      I definitely needed a break outside, I’ve been writing in a vacuum for a while since my creative writing class was out for the summer, and think I that’s a big reason for my lack of direction.

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