Hear ‘Melancholia in Molasses’ on Podcast!

jammiestbitsofjamstrangerminellieustacioHappy Tuesday, friends! Last week had two big writing achievements for me. First, I got to hear my short story in a podcast, and although hearing my own recorded voice will always be an awkward experience, it was also a very rewarding one.

The Jammiest Bits of Jam Storytelling podcast is a monthly podcast featuring themed short stories by female writers. This months theme is “sci fi”, and my short Melancholia in Molasses (which was titled Stranger when I sent the piece in for consideration) is the first of three stories. If you’re a person who likes to hear their fantastical stories, eerie music and all, be sure to give it a listen!

Earlier last week, I also got a pleasant surprise as my post, Literary Magazines Every Emerging Writers Should Read was linked on The Review Review, an online community where writers review literary magazines (among other things), in hopes of sifting down hundreds of journals available – making it easier for readers to narrow down different types of literary magazines and find ones they enjoy. The website features plenty of reviews, writing advice, opinion pieces, and publication tips to make your head spin.

This has definitely been a good week.